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02 July 2024

Your quick-start guide to Seatfrog auctions

New to Seatfrog, and wondering what these auctions are all about? Don’t worry –  we’re here to explain. And we’ll do

24 June 2024

Seatfrog Insider – Birmingham’s Hidden Gems

Let’s not talk about the accent (sorry, Brummies). Let’s just agree Birmingham is a fabulous, vibrant city that wears its second-city

17 June 2024

Seatfrog Insider – Bristol’s Hidden Gems

Like that effortlessly cool friend we all wish we could be, Bristol has rizz in spades. Creative, arty, packed with stunning

10 June 2024

Seatfrog Insider – Edinburgh’s Hidden Gems

Lovely Edinburgh, with your cobbled streets, centuries of history, the smell of roasted malt on the wind, and a building that

23 May 2024

Seatfrog Insider – Manchester’s Hidden Gems

Let’s be honest, Manchester is fundamentally cool. The King in the North was the heart of the industrial revolution, spawned countless

13 May 2024

Seatfrog’s Ticketing Types – Explained

Upgrades On Seatfrog, you can bid on upgrades to First Class in our auctions to level up your standard train seat.

08 May 2024

Upgrade your Half-Term – train your way to a hidden gem holiday

Say it very quietly, but it looks like the weather is finally improving (fingers crossed, knock on wood, pagan sun dance).

02 May 2024

Smash Your Summer Holidays

Holiday season approaches, and we can almost smell the suncream and taste the cold cider. Whether you’re heading somewhere UK-based on

30 April 2024

Upgrade your bank holiday weekend

Lesser-known destinations that punch above their weight Obviously, we all love those well-known places for a mini break. Bath, York, Brighton

30 April 2024

Expert Tips for Maximising your Seatfrog Experience

Are you looking to level up your journey? Seatfrog is your ticket to snagging those coveted upgrades and enjoying a more

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