Seatfrog Insider – Manchester’s Hidden Gems

Let’s be honest, Manchester is fundamentally cool. The King in the North was the heart of the industrial revolution, spawned countless incredible musicians, and it’s home to two of the biggest football clubs in the world. It’s got art, culture, history, food, music, fashion – so no wonder there’s a wealth of hidden gems hidden amongst all that. We dug some out for you to discover, because we’re all about the best-kept secrets – like upgrading with Seatfrog.

Frog & Bucket

Obviously we had to include this. But not just because it’s got frog in the name – it’s also a brilliant comedy club with a rockstar reputation. Comedians like Peter Kay and Johnny Vegas cut their teeth here, and it still has the best laughs on the circuit. Head down for a night of lolling – you might just see the next superstar.


Oh we love us a secret bar, don’t we? And this one’s a doozy. From the outside, a humble laundrette. But wander past the washing machines, find the phone and let the person on the other end know you’re here with your dirty laundry – and you’ll gain access to a secret world of fantastic cocktails.

Portico Library

In the same spot since 1806, this stunning library has a collection spanning 450 years. Once restricted to members only (including Elizabeth Gaskell, Val McDermid, Guy Garvey and John Dalton), it’s now open to the public to come and explore – as well as enjoy a drink or a bit of lunch in the café.

Hidden artworks

Look carefully as you explore Manchester’s streets, as there’s artwork everywhere. A few to keep your eye out for include Mr Smith’s Dream, hidden in the walls of the Craft & Design Centre; the Tib Street Birds perched over the Northern Quarter; poems by Lemn Sissay all over the city; and the Bees mural on Oldham Street.

Mamuciam Roman Fort

Did you know that the name Manchester is thought to come from the Latin word for ‘breast’ or ‘breast-like hill’? You can have that one for free. You may also not be aware that the remains of an ancient Roman military fortress from around 79 AD sits just at the south of Deansgate, in the Castelfield Urban Heritage Park.

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