Bid for a last-minute upgrade with Seatfrog and add a little luxury to your next trip with Avanti West Coast.

How to upgrade on Avanti West Coast

Add your trip

Enter your booking reference or use our handy train search to get started. We’ll show you which upgrades are available for your trip.

Start bidding

Select the number of upgrades you’d like to bid for, set your price for each upgrade and you’ll only pay if you win!

Upgrade in seconds

The moment you win we’ll send your upgrade barcodes straight to your phone. It’s that easy.

Our upgrade secret is out

Seatfrog and Avanti West Coast (formerly Virgin Trains) have teamed up to give you the inside track on travelling in First Class for less.

Everything you need to know
Book with Avanti West Coast

You just need to book your standard class ticket on avantiwestcoast.co.uk. Simple.

Available every day of the week

On selected peak and off-peak Avanti West Coast services across the network. Excluding Holyhead.

Booked via another site?

Use our handy Train Search feature to add your trip. 

Go get that deal

You can bid to travel First Class from just £10.

Get the group in on it

No need to leave your mates behind. Just update your preferences before you bid for an upgrade or select ‘buy it now’.

First Class at the last-minute

All auctions start 24 hours before departure, and you can bid right up to 30 minutes before your train leaves.

First Class is kind of a big deal

Wherever you’re heading - Glasgow, Euston, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham or Edinburgh. You’re only a winning bid away from enjoying all the perks of being a First Class Avanti West Coast customer.

Upgrade your next trip

Bid for an upgrade and get exclusive access to last-minute premium seats with Seatfrog.

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The Seatfrog app enables customers who have purchased any Avanti West Coast standard class ticket to bid for an upgrade to First Class when they are travelling on an eligible train, with First Class availability. Customers who hold the highest bid when the Seatfrog auction end, will win the First Class upgrade for the journey they are making.

There are two ways you can purchase an eligible ticket for Seatfrog upgrades:

  1. Book directly through the Avanti West Coast website or app.
  2. Book through any third party website authorised to sell Avanti West Coast tickets.

You will also need to ensure:

  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • Book a service operated by Avanti West Coast
  • Book a Standard Class Ticket

Once you have booked an eligible ticket, you can add your trip to the Seatfrog app by using your booking reference if you booked via Avanti’s website. Alternatively, you can use Seatfrogs new Train Search feature if you booked via another method.

If you booked directly with Avanti West Coast and choose to add your trip with your booking reference, you will need to wait for 24-hours for your booking details to reach us, so that we can see it in the Seatfrog app.

As Seatfrog provides last-minute upgrades, we cannot guarantee the availability of accessible areas in First Class coaches. Travellers who require assistance should contact the Avanti West Coast Passenger Assist team and check availability for their journey prior to participation in a Seatfrog upgrade auction. Find out more information here.

Yes! You can upgrade as part of a group using our group bidding feature. Just specify how many seats you’d like to upgrade from the Seatfrog bidding screen before placing a bid, you can access this page once you have added a trip to the app. The number of upgrades in each auction are subject to availability, and while we’ll make our best efforts we can’t guarantee everyone in a group will be seated next to each other once upgraded. Find out more information about group bidding here.

As Seatfrog is a last-minute upgrades service, availability of upgrades on your service are confirmed closer to your date of departure. Seatfrog upgrades are available on selected peak and off-peak Avanti West Coast services across the network. Excluding Holyhead. With availability dictated by expected passenger volumes in both First and Standard Class carriages.

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