A better future for rail travel, for good.

In recent generations, rail has come to a standstill, burdened by old technology and giving passengers an experience well below what they expect and deserve. We're here to change that.

The best journey for your money.

We love trains. They were once a shining light of innovation, and could be a major force in the fight for the planet. But we need to pick up the pace.


So we’re on a mission to reinvent the experience of catching a train for millions of people and help operators to run more profitable networks full of happier passengers – it’s long overdue.


We have already reset the bar for buying a ticket, upgrading to first class and changing your train time for over 1 million customers.

Meet the team.

Our team is packed full of world-class thinkers and makers who have an insatiable curiosity to not just accept how things are done. We have built £700m+ startups, been leadership at companies like Skyscanner, LYST, Kayak and Booking, and we're united by a burning passion to build a better future for rail, for good.

Iain Griffin

CEO & Founder

Dirk Stewart

CTO & Founder

Conor O’Riordan

VP Commercial

John Ritchie

Head of Product

Alex Slater

Head of People

Andrew Logan

Strategic Client Director

Tony Finnegan

Finance Director

Luke Hakes

Non-exec Director

Jan Valentin

Non-exec Director

Our Investors

Seatfrog is backed by some of the brightest minds in travel and technology.

"When investors talk excitedly about the future of transportation, most overlook the scale and efficiency of the rail network. Sadly, the experience for many passengers is well below what they expect and deserve. Seatfrog has a team and technology that is set to change all of that. Their vision will be transformational for travellers, businesses and the environment."

Matt Hirst

West Ventures

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