Your quick-start guide to Seatfrog auctions

New to Seatfrog, and wondering what these auctions are all about? Don’t worry –  we’re here to explain. And we’ll do it super fast too, we know you’re busy.

Bidding in a Seatfrog auction helps you save an average of 60% on First Class train journeys. Think eBay, but for train tickets.

To get involved with an auction, just click ‘find an auction’, then enter the details of your train journey – either the date, time and location of your trip, or just add your booking reference.

Once you’ve found your journey, you’ll be taken to the auction page. This is where you can place your bid for a sweet First Class upgrade. Or if you simply can’t wait (we get it), you can buy your upgrade straight away. It’s usually cheaper than buying direct or on the day, so you’ll still nab a bargain.

Bonus tip – if you bid high enough initially, you might even get an Instant Win. This means you’ll skip the thrill of the auction and enjoy your upgrade immediately. Nice.

Auctions open 24 hours before your train departs, so keep your app open and your thumb ready. Win your upgrade bid, and you can enjoy complimentary food, drink, alcohol and, of course, a whole lot of lovely legroom.

It’s beyond simple to start bidding, we promise. So go on, why not treat yourself to a bit of the First Class lifestyle, and enter an auction today?

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