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Lovely Edinburgh, with your cobbled streets, centuries of history, the smell of roasted malt on the wind, and a building that looks a lot like the poop emoji. We could fill many books with all the things to see and do (there’d be one dedicated to the best Scottish breakfasts, that’s for sure), but for now we’ll keep it to just five lesser-known spots that have a special place in our heart. And if you’re heading up to Auld Reekie, be sure to upgrade with Seatfrog and enjoy a wee dram of whisky in First Class on your way.

Credit: @nationalmuseumsscotland

National Museum Rooftop

OK, so yes, the National Museum is hardly a hidden gem, given it’s one of the most visited attractions in the country. But not many of those visitors know what’s on floor 7. Hop in the lift, and step out onto a stunning roof terrace with some of the absolute best views in the whole city, smack in the middle of Old Town.

Credit: @sanedoesey

Wild West Morningside

If you’ve ever wanted to visit an Old West ghost town, no need to fly all the way to the USA – you can find one here. Yes, really. Just off Springvalley Gardens in Morningside, you’ll find an alley that’s completely built to look like the Wild West. Clapboard buildings, a jail, a cantina – it’s all there. Why? Well, why not?

Credit: @marykingsclose

Mary King’s Close

Despite being smack bang on the Royal Mile, you could be forgiven for missing this. Probably because most of it is underground. This street was buried when the Royal Exchange was built over the top in 1760, then reopened in 2003 with all the tales of ghosts, plague and other cheerful histories that come with it. Boo!

Credit: @pallavipasricha

The Wee Pub

Scotland’s smallest pub (the clue’s in the name) can take around 20 people ‘at a push’. This little spot on the Grassmarket is just 17ft by 14ft, and even the menus are tiny – you get a magnifying glass to read them. It’s silly, it’s fun, and it’s perfect for a glass of something Scottish after sightseeing all day.

Credit: @thisisedinburgh

Dr Neil’s Garden

This is a proper little secret. At the base of Arthur’s Seat, overlooking a loch and hidden away behind 12th century Duddingston Kirk, this beautiful garden is a breathtaking escape from the busy city beyond. Wander amongst herbs, hedges and streams, then settle in for a cuppa in the Garden Room Café.

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