Smash Your Summer Holidays

Holiday season approaches, and we can almost smell the suncream and taste the cold cider. Whether you’re heading somewhere UK-based on the train (we approve), or you’re taking some other form of transport (WHAT?!?) to somewhere a bit more far-flung, we’ve compiled some marvellous money-saving hacks to make sure you absolutely boss your holiday planning this year.

Be flexible

We don’t mean practising your downward dog. If you can budge on dates, days, times – even destinations – you can find much better deals. OK, so it might mean travelling at an hour that no human should be awake at, or arriving into a station or airport that’s a bit further away – but sometimes the savings are so good, it’s worth it. If you’re really brave, and really flexible, you save a tonne with secret deals where you discover your destination after you’ve booked.

Avoid the hotspots

Hidden gems, baby. They’re where it’s at. It stands to reason that if you’re going where everyone is going, it’s gonna get real expensive, real fast. But there are plenty of truly great places out there, so dig in and do your research – you might be surprised what you find. It’s also worth checking where might be off-season when you want to travel. Off-season doesn’t always mean bad weather, but it does mean great prices.

Get yourself insured

After a few years where ‘unprecedented’ became the most-used word ever, we don’t need to tell you that things can change in the blink of an eye. Storms roll in, people go on strike, volcanoes erupt, zombies invade – you get the gist. So get some good travel insurance. And compare what’s out there, because the ones connected to travel agencies or airlines are likely to be pricey. Seriously, it’s so worth it. Nothing is more stressful than losing out on money when it’s not your fault. Except maybe the zombie apocalypse.

Pack like a legend

If you’re flying (it’s OK, we know you have to travel on other forms of transport sometimes), the madness of baggage fees has just got more mad. But there are plenty of ways to pack smart and avoid paying extra. Pack a little travel laundry soap so you can wash everything while you’re away, and pack fewer clothes. Be rock and roll by rolling your clothes (it takes up less space than folding). Packing cubes are an absolute revolution (and feel like a fun little game of tetris). And wear as many clothes as you can fit on your body when you fly. Alternatively, travel by train with no luggage restrictions. Just saying.

Download Seatfrog

Well, it goes without saying, doesn’t it? If you’re travelling to your holidays by train, it’s the best possible app to have in your corner. Find the lowest-priced tickets possible with Secret Fare, bid for a sassy summer First Class upgrade in one of our auctions (hello, holiday gin and tonic), and swap trains from only £2.50 if you’re simply having too much fun – or getting homesick.

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