Expert Tips for Maximising your Seatfrog Experience

Are you looking to level up your journey?

Seatfrog is your ticket to snagging those coveted upgrades and enjoying a more luxurious ride. But do you really know how to make the most of our app? We’ve got you covered with these essential tips:

Instant Wins

Hate bidding wars? No problem. Secure an Instant Win by placing your highest bid early. Pre-auction maximum bids can net you upgrades up to 58% cheaper!

Off-Peak Savings

Timing is key. Travelling during off-peak hours—after 7 pm or between 9 am and midday—can score you upgrades at prices 10%-20% lower on average.

Confetti Cannons

Did you know Seatfrog sells tickets too? Keep an eye out for the confetti cannon icon when booking through the app—it signals trips with available upgrades, making your journey even more exciting.

Instant Upgrade 

Is the thrill of an auction too much for you? Or would you rather just guarantee that sweet, sweet upgrade now? Either way, you can buy an instant upgrade on the auction page to skip the queue and get straight to putting your feet up.

Push Notifications

Stay in the loop with push notifications. Enable Seatfrog notifications in your phone settings to receive updates on your auction progress and never miss a chance to upgrade.

Payment Details

Don’t let expired cards derail your plans. Double-check your payment details and ensure your default card is up to date. And once you’ve set your maximum bid, verify that your card’s payment limit aligns with your bid amount.

Remember, your success on Seatfrog depends on the competition. Peak and holiday travel periods may see higher participation and more competitive bidding, so plan accordingly.

Ready to elevate your train travel experience? With these insider tips, you’ll be a Seatfrog pro in no time. Happy travels! 

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