Travel with taste. Sleep in style

Experience the best in train travel with Caledonian Sleeper and upgrade to a swanky Club Room with Seatfrog.

How it works

Add your booking

Download the Seatfrog app, and enter your booking reference to add your trip. We’ll show you if there are upgrades available.

Start bidding

Your auction will start 7 days before and end 3 days before your departure date, giving Caledonian Sleeper time to get ready for your big arrival.

Upgrade in seconds

If you win, we’ll send your Club room upgrade straight to your phone and email. Let the good times roll.

A magical sleeper train experience

We’ve teamed up with Caledonian Sleeper to give you upgrade access to their premium Club room. Experience the forgotten romance of rail, and travel in pure luxury between London and Scotland.

Booking an eligible Caledonian Sleeper trip
Book with Caledonian Sleeper

Book your Classic room ticket on and add your booking reference to your Seatfrog app >24hrs after booking.

Eligible for singles and pairs

Bid to upgrade your room, or select ‘buy it now’ to upgrade to a Club room instantly. Easy peasy.

Upgrade every day of the week

Auctions start 7 days before and close 3 days before departure, giving Caledonian Sleeper time to prep for your big arrival.

Get yourself a great deal. The real deal.

Snap up a luxury upgrade, and leave the stress of the airport for someone else.

Wake up to a unique way of travelling

Caledonian Sleeper offers a rolling hotel experience like no other. It’s a gateway to a hidden world between London and Scotland. The Club room allows you to freshen up in the comfort of your own room with its own ensuite facilities. Oh, and rest assured, every last detail is covered to ensure a truly comfortable journey.

45 secs

The record for the fastest upgrade on Seatfrog.

Upgrade your next trip

Bid for an upgrade and get exclusive access to last-minute premium seats with Seatfrog.

Have a question?

The Seatfrog app empowers customers who have bought a Classic Room ticket to bid for an upgrade to a Club Room when they are travelling on an eligible train, with Club Room availability. Customers who hold the highest bid when the Seatfrog auction ends will win the Club Room upgrade for the journey they’re making.

The auction will start 7 days before and end 3 days before departure, giving Caledonian Sleeper time to get ready for your arrival.

Seatfrog offers upgrades with Caledonian Sleeper exclusively through the Seatfrog app. As long as you’re eligible (check your eligibility here), you can add your trip to the Seatfrog app and upgrade from a Classic room to a Club.

You can buy upgrades directly from the app using Upgrade Now or you can place a bid, with the upgrade being issued to the highest bidder.

When can I add my trip?
You’ll be able to add your trip to Seatfrog 14 days before departure. Our app can take up to 24 hours to update, so if you recently booked please try again the next day if you’re unable to find your booking.

Use your booking reference
Once you have your booking reference (Where do I find my booking reference on my booking confirmation email?), simply type or copy and paste this into our booking reference field.

You won’t be able to use the train search tool to add a Caledonian Sleeper trip.

When does the auction start and end?
The auction will start 7 days before and end 3 days before departure, giving Caledonian Sleeper time to get ready for your arrival.

When you enter your booking reference, the Seatfrog app will pull in the number of passengers from your original booking. You’ll be bidding on 1 room upgrade, which is valid for both travellers – we’ll send out upgrade barcodes for both passengers when you win. Yay.

For Caledonian Sleeper upgrades, you’ll need to make sure you’ve:

  • Booked directly through with Caledonian Sleeper via website or app.
  • Booked a Classic room
  • Travelling in a single room, up to 2 travellers only

Once you have booked an eligible ticket, you can add your booking reference to your Seatfrog app.

We currently offer upgrades on selected routes and services for passengers booked into a Classic room that wish to upgrade to a Club room.

To be eligible you must have booked:

  • Single trip only. Return trips or Flexipass tickets are not eligible.
  • Single room bookings only (single or double occupancy)
  • Classic room bookings only

Eligible bookings must have been made with Caledonian directly. Third-party bookings are not eligible for Seatfrog upgrades with this carrier.

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