We've partnered with Veezu to bring you convenient local rides

We've partnered with Veezu to help you easily get a ride to or from the station

We have launched a new partnership with the UK's largest and fastest-growing private hire ride platform Veezu. We'll be rolling out our partnership across an initial five stations of Leeds, Sheffield, Cardiff, Newport, Swindon - so if you're booking a train to or from any of those stations, you'll be able to head to Veezu directly from our app and get a car direct to or from the station.

Everything you need to know

Book your trip

You’ll see our Veezu banner if you’ve booked a trip to or from Leeds, Sheffield, Cardiff, Newport, or Swindon.

Book your ride

Click on the Veezu banner to be taken to the Veezu app, and sign up to book your easy local ride.

Want more info?

Find out more about Veezu here.

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