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Get exclusive access with Europe's leading tech investors and join the rail revolution led by Seatfrog.

Seatfrog is exactly how upgrading should be – affordable and lightning fast across over 560 destinations, but this is only the start. We’re on a mission to reinvent the rail experience for good and we have even bigger things coming in 2021!

As one of our customers, you have helped make us who we are today so we want you to share in our success; this is why we’re offering you exclusive early access to invest as little as £10 alongside some of Europe’s leading tech investors.

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Remember your capital is at risk.

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You’re in incredible company

Seatfrog is backed by some of Europe’s most successful tech investors who have also backed businesses like Zoopla (IPO £2bn), Trivago (Sold $632m) and Momondo (Sold $550m to Kayak).

We want you, our customers, to join them. Help steer the direction of our product development, share in our success and join our growth journey.

Our investors have backed:

Our destination: £160bn European market

With 90% of the UK market under contract and our expansion into Europe already underway, Seatfrog is in a prime position to be one of the winners of the recovery.

Rail journeys have increased by 97% in the UK since 2002, faster than any other mode of transport. This growth is set to accelerate further, with UK and European governments planning to invest a staggering £287 billion in rail to 2033, aiming to triple the High Speed Rail network by 2030 to drive mass adoption away from more polluting modes and hit carbon emissions targets.

Seatfrog grew faster than we could have ever imagined

Post-COVID travel is primed to outpace growth projections.

At the start of 2020, Seatfrog was named in the top 30 fastest growing UK tech startups; seeing 958% user growth.

COVID-19 put our rocket ship growth on a temporary pause. But spring is in the air, growth is already returning fast and now Seatfrog is perfectly placed to be one of the winners of the recovery.

We’ve already won multiple major new contracts, developed a game changing new product backed by the UK government, and we’re hitting play on that rocket ship growth in 2021.

As Seen In

Our 675 million seat game changer

Ever needed to change your train ticket? You’ll know all about the queues or maybe you just cut your losses and bought an expensive new ticket.

This affects 675 million tickets every year. We think that’s rubbish, so we built Train Swap. It’s revolutionised flexibility in rail travel and the UK Government has backed us to deliver it.

Soon, anyone will be able to change their train with Seatfrog in less than 60 seconds. No more queues, no more expensive replacements, just 3 simple taps.

Change your train, not your plans.

Our journey has just started

This is just the smoke test to the bigger prize.

In 2019, only 47% of UK Rail passengers said they felt they were getting value for their money.

We can do better. We’ve got big things coming in 2021 that will reinvent the category, and we’re on a mission to create a better railway experience, for good.

The money from this round of investment will speed up our product roadmap for 2021/22 to achieve that, by investing and growing our product development and engineering teams.

Expand across Europe

We’re working with some of Europe’s leading Train companies to bring the Seatfrog upgrade platform to millions of people across the continent.

Launch Seatfrog 2.0

We’ve got a very exciting new platform coming in 2021, with some big additions everyone will love.

Accelerate growth

Ensure Seatfrog is accelerating growth in 2021 and beyond.

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Remember your capital is at risk. We strongly believe that investing should be for everyone, but equity investing is not without its risks.

Your Investment could be locked in for a long time, and you will not get a return until we exit (i.e. we’re bought or go to market in an IPO).

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Our most frequently asked questions

Crowdfunding gives you the opportunity to invest in private companies, you can own a piece of Seatfrog by investing.

Crowdfunding is where a large number of customers pool their money together to back a business they believe in via an online platform. In this instance, Seatfrog has partnered with Crowdcube to facilitate our crowdfund round of investment and give our customers the chance to share in our success.

Our investors include top venture capital firms such as Octopus Ventures, Howzat Ennea, and angel investors who have backed businesses like Zoopla, Trivago, Secret Escapes, Cazoo and many more. You will be in amazing company.

Crowdcube is a company that enables crowdfunding, i.e. empowers individual investors to invest and hold shares in private companies. They have successfully processed crowdfunding raises for many notable startups and companies including Monzo, Revolut, BrewDog, Nutmeg and more. They have been encouraging us to crowdfund for many years, and we are glad to finally have the opportunity. Learn more at and set up an account so you are ready to invest.

Register with your email on this page so we can update you on next steps.

After registering, go to and create an account there, as this is where the investment will take place once the crowdfunding goes live. We will reach out over email with further details to make sure you don’t miss out.

Please note local restrictions apply in some countries – see “Who can invest?” on this page

We raised capital from some of Europes leading tech investors in 2019 and 2020. We’ve always wanted our customers to have the opportunity to share in our success as shareholders and Crowdfunding allows us to do that.

The money from this round of investment will speed up our product roadmap for 2021/22, by investing and growing our product development and engineering teams.

You can invest if you are over 18, subject to local regulations.

European jurisdictions have a range of different limits on how much can be invested through, and these are allocated on a first come, first served basis. The platform will automatically prevent you from investing if the limit for your country has been reached.

Investors from the US, Canada, or Japan are unfortunately NOT able to invest due to local restrictions.

Additional restrictions may apply in other countries, so please check your local regulations.

The crowdfunding will go live in a couple of weeks. Please register so that you don’t miss out, and we will inform you by email of the exact date when it is confirmed.


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