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Seatfrog’s mobile platform revolutionises the upgrade process, extending and optimising right up to flight departure. Highly effective for airlines and effortless for their passengers, maximising revenue on seats guaranteed to fly empty within 48hrs of a flight.

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What our partners have to say:

Simon Akeroyd, VP, Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Amadeus

“Seatfrog is a game changer. It’s incredibly smart, mobile, and delivers an outstanding passenger experience.”

“Innovation is about doing things differently and finding real solutions to real problems, and that is exactly what Seatfrog has done. The team has aligned today’s always-connected mobile passengers, with the challenge faced by airlines around the globe — selling seats that would otherwise fly empty, at the exact time that passengers think about upgrades.”

Simon Akeroyd, VP, Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Amadeus

Mobile first. Customer centred.

Over 83%* of your passengers are on mobile and so is Seatfrog.

Seatfrog fits seamlessly into your passenger’s journey, using behavioural design to drive engagement and personalise in real-time. From smart notifications to in-app payments and boarding passes reissued to mobile in one simple transaction, Seatfrog delivers an outstanding customer experience.

*The Future is Connected, SITA 2016

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Right product, right channel, right time.

Peak upgrade intent is within 48hrs of a flight*.

Harness the power of data to drive higher engagement and unlock significant ancillary revenue within 48hrs of a flight. Seatfrog’s machine learning optimises performance in real time and our business insight tools automate process whilst giving you complete visibility, targeting capability and control over performance 24/7.

*Amadeus - Thinking Like a Retailer, 2015

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Rapid integration

Integrate in days, not months.

Our next generation APIs are already integrated into some of the most trusted technology in aviation. So let our world-class technology do the talking and start driving genuine commercial value right away – whether that’s across one sector or an entire network.

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Let's innovate together

Get a custom demo from our CEO and see how you can leverage Seatfrog to maximise ancillary revenue like never before.

Iain Griffin - Seatfrog CEO

I’m looking forward to showcasing our outstanding platform.

- Iain Griffin, CEO & Founder

Iain Griffin - Seatfrog CEO

We look forward to hearing from you.

- Iain Griffin, CEO & Founder